November 23, 2017


Our Biggest Sale Of The Year! Black Friday Is ON.

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June 01, 2017


Buxton Button Down Review by: A Gentleman's Providence


Atlantic Drift Buxton Button Down Shirts
I would never call myself an experienced fisherman by any means. Although, I do occasionally bait a hook a few times a year and did cast a line a few times this weekend at the lake. With that said, I’ve been following the coastal brand, Atlantic Drift, from the early days and purchased a tour visor from them over 3 years ago to use on the golf course. A few weeks back, the team sent me over a few of their Buxton button downs and a hat to review and send feedback.


Upon first inspection the shirts looked great and two of them even sported a wrinkle-free tag. I threw them in the laundry and wore them around town a few times for various events.

I am a huge fan of the fabrics. They aren’t a true “wrinkle-free” as the tag said, but they didn’t take much but a quick steam from the iron to freshen them up. The fit is a little on the boxy side, but after talking to Nathan (one of the co-founders), he said his goal is to work on slimming up the fit just a bit. The shirts feature a button down collar, pearl buttons, box pleat, barrel cuffs, and chest pocket with the Atlantic Drift logo. The collar has a very nice roll when worn causally with the top two buttons unbuttoned.

These are great causal shirts for the spring/summer seasons. Pair ’em with some chinos at work and transition to denim for a night on the town on Friday, and roll up the sleeves and wear them with shorts to run errands on Saturday or Sunday.



February 10, 2017


Amazing Article From Marlin Magazine

A must read for all sporfishing enthusiest about one of our favorite places, the Blue Marlin Capital of the World and how it made fishing what it is today.

Albatross Sportfishing Article Marlin Magazine Hatteras North Carolina Marlin OffshoreAlbatross Sportfishing Article Marlin Magazine Hatteras North Carolina Marlin OffshoreAlbatross Sportfishing Article Marlin Magazine Hatteras North Carolina Marlin OffshoreAlbatross Sportfishing Article Marlin Magazine Hatteras North Carolina Marlin Offshore

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December 28, 2016

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The Story Behind "NO Bananas On The Boat" T-Shirt Design


Origins: We can't say how far back this superstition goes, but at least among sport fishermen there exists a belief that bananas on a boat are unlucky.

The sea offers plenty of opportunities for turns of ill luck. Fishing boats run aground or become lost. Mechanical failures result in boats floating helplessly adrift. Crew members become deathly sick from mysterious illnesses. Foul weather sweeps in. Any and all of these have been at various times attributed to bad luck.

Banana While the superstitions involving fishermen and their boats are almost too numerous to mention, one particular entry in that category appears to attach almost solely to those who engage in sport (rather than commercial) fishing.

Bananas are deemed unlucky by recreational fishermen and those catering to that trade. Usually this rumor takes the form of the fish not biting on the day when bananas were discovered onboard, but mechanical breakdowns and other mishaps are also pointed to.

Some in the fishing charters business extend their distaste for the fruit to include not only banana ingestibles (fresh or dried chips of banana, banana muffins, plus anything banana flavored) but even to items bearing the word "banana" or anything evocative of it, such as Fruit of the Loom underwear, Banana Republic apparel, and Banana Boat sunscreen. (The prohibition against Fruit of the Loom underthings is particularly baffling because that clothier's logo depicts an apple, leaves, green grapes, currants, and purple grapes, with nary a banana in sight.)

In 2001 The New York Times quoted Rick Etzel of Montauk, New York, captain of The Breakaway, as saying: "Fishermen believe bananas are bad luck. Something about a shipload of bananas that carried some weird bacteria which killed everyone on board. Maybe fictitious, but some people take the banana thing very seriously. A few years back, a guy on one of my
charters showed up wearing a Banana Republic T-shirt. Another guy in the group went up to him with a knife and slashed the logo."

When the fishing starts out bad and stays that way, charter boat captains are likely to interrogate their clients of the day as to whether any of them might have brought a banana aboard. When the offending item is found — be it the fruit itself, a banana muffin, or a tube of Banana Boat suncreen — it is quickly flung overboard. Almost immediately, say those who have performed such exorcisms, the boat's luck turns around — the fish begin biting and a good day at sea is enjoyed by all.

No clear reason exists as to how this superstition came to be. Common explanations include:

  1. When top-heavy ships of earlier eras would sink, precious little other than the bananas they'd carried would be found floating on the surface, thereby leaving some to conclude conveyance of the fruit itself had led to these naval mishaps.
  2. Spiders, snakes, and other poisonous vermin living among bananas carried in the hold would, on long haul trips, expand their horizons by infesting other parts of the ship.
  3. Because the speediest sailing ships were used to get bananas to their destinations before they could spoil, those attempting to fish from them never caught anything while trolling.
  4. Fisherman became ill after eating the fruit.
  5. Other fruits would spoil more quickly when bananas were being shipped along with them, causing folks to deem bananas "bad luck." (Actually, it wouldn't have been ill fate that resulted in the spoilage of other foodstuffs, but instead the ethylene gas emitted by bananas as they ripen.)
  6. Crew member injured by slipping on discarded banana peels.
  7. Fisherman misses landing the big one due to a case of "the runs" caused by bananas he'd ingested.
  8. Banana oil rubs off onto the hands of fisherman, thereby "spooking" the fish.
  9. Early anglers in Hawaii would embark upon lengthy fishing trips in dugout canoes provisioned with (along with other food items) bananas. The farther they went, the fewer the fish, causing some of them to mistake correlation for causation.

Source: Barbara "yes we have no bananas" Mikkelson -

September 26, 2016


August 23, 2016


End Of Summer YETI Giveaway


Rules and Ways to Enter:

Start by filling out your full name, email, and how you would use this package in on the giveaway page.

  1. Facebook - Like & Share our post regarding this giveaway on your page for 1 Entry.
  2. Instagram - Follow our page, Like & Repost the picture regarding this giveaway with the #ADYETIGIVEAWAY for 1 Entry
  3. Twitter - Follow our page and Retweet the giveaway photo for 1 Entry.
  4. Make any purchase on over $30 and receive 5 Entries. 
  5. Make any purchase over $100 for 15 Entries.

The contest will run until Labor Day and we will no longer take entries after midnight, 9/5/16. We will select one winner at random and email them with the winning details. Be sure to fill out all the information below so we can contact you. Good luck!



Congratulations to April Piland for winning the YETI giveaway.  April entered with over 20 entries by purchasing over $100 and entering on Facebook and Twitter.  April, email us at and we will get your prize package on the way.  Thank you for all the participation, we will be doing another one soon!

October 09, 2015


The Greatest Commercial Of All Time Taking You Into The Weekend

Here's to the weekend.  Happy Friday everyone, enjoy an Old Milwaukee and catch a Blue.

July 13, 2015


Red Clay Soul Review: The Beaufort Button Down

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the Atlantic Drift guys for a few years now.  What’s great about the AD crew is that they actually live the lifestyle of their brand.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard ‘sorry for the early email, we are heading out to the water’.  It’s great, because they are essentially doing product development for their entire line.

They asked me to give my opinion on their new Beaufort button down shirt.  Before we get started, let’s talk about the rise of offshore wear over the last ten years.  Columbia and Ex Officio have really gotten a foothold on this market, and do a good job with the performance fishing gear.  The problem is that the look is just that: very functional.  There is a lot of velcro, loops, vents, and SPF built into every shirt…  While this is great for the intended purpose, it doesn’t really work for everyday wear.  A fishing shirt at dinner 400 miles from any sort of water looks weird.  Period.

Atlantic Drift is in the thick of this industry, and seemed to have solved that problem with their Beaufort button down.  From a distance, the shirt looks like any other button down that you have in the closet:


This shirt fits into any business casual environment.  Pair it with a pair of khakis and loafers and you are ready for a day at the office.  In addition, the shirt is packed with little tricks that will keep you cool and protected from a long day on the water.  The shirt is a very comfortable blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, so it’s very breathable.  The chest is mesh-lined so it won’t stick to your body.  There are a bunch of hidden features:  the collar has hidden buttons, there is a hidden zipper front pocket, and a hidden sunglass loop.  Think of this as the “Inspector Gadget” of fishing shirts.

From a fit perspective, it is NOT boxy.  I wear a Medium, and I would say that it is consistent with a Brooks Brothers Slim Fit medium, or a J. Crew Medium.  There is plenty of room to move, but it is NOT boxy.  The style of the shirt is a really nice plaid (there are four plaids available) that works on the water, but really turns it into a versatile shirt with a more prominent spot in the rotation.  The logo is small and tasteful.

Mine has survived a trip to Lake Martin, as well as a full Saturday of errands followed directly by an afternoon at the pool and an evening cooking out.  It cleans up nice, too.  Wash it as you would anything else, but hang to dry.  Give it a quick iron and you are ready to rock.  I’ve got a new workhorse in the arsenal.


Thanks Red Clay Soul!  keep up the great work.

-Atlantic Drift









July 10, 2015


'15 HMC Tournament Recap

Another great year at the Hatteras Marlin Club is in the books.  We had the privilege of spending June 14th through the 20th at the HMC for the 3rd straight year and got to fish with our good friends of the Outlaw.  The fishing was good, the weather was great, and the tournament was a huge success.  We ended up releasing a Blue Marlin and 2 White Marlin's for a 4th place finish. 

It was a full house this year with 46 boats competing in 3 days of fishing. Congrats to all the anglers and especially the crews of Desperado, Retriever and Islander who took the top three spots in that order! Congrats also to our top female angler, Jessie Wilson, top male angler, George Venters and our top youth angler, Charles Gaddy!  Big thanks to everyone at the club who hosted an awesome week.  We can't wait to get back down there next year.  This video doesn't do justice for the week that was had, but to recap the fishing from the Outlaw here is a short video we put together.  


HMC Tournament 2015 with Atlantic Drift from Atlantic Drift on Vimeo.

Hatteras Marlin Club 

  • Boat: Outlaw
  • Capt: Ken Miller
  • Crew: Ken Miller III, Will Huntley, Chris Turner, Ron Lowe, Nathan Propst
  • Mate: April Piland 



June 10, 2015



It's that time of year again.  We are giving away the one of the best coolers known to man, and this year we have stepped it up a notch.  Here is your chance to win a 45 Quart YETI Cooler with custom Atlantic Drift Seadek full of great AD products.  Retail value of over $800.  We are giving away this prize package on our Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram page.  There are many ways to enter and you have the opportunity to earn multiple entries each day.  Here is how to enter:

1 Entry on Facebook:

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  3. You can do this once a day until the contest ends.
  4. Sign up for our email newsletter here on our website.
  5. Enter everything at Facebook Giveaway.

1 Entry on Twitter:

  1. Go to and follow us.
  2. Tweet: "I just entered to win the @Atlantic_Drift #YETI 45 Summer Giveaway #atlanticdrift" to receive 1 entry. You can do this 1 time everyday until the contest ends
  3. You also need to sign up for our email newsletter.

1 Entry on Instagram:

  1. Go to our Instagram account and follow us: @atlanticdrift
  2. Repost our giveaway picture with the caption:  @atlanticdrift is giving away a $800 YETI Cooler package!  One lucky winner will receive a 45 Quart YETI Cooler, Custom Atlantic Drift Seadek, and $400 worth of AD products.  Follow them and post this picture for your chance to win.  #AtlanticDrift #ADYETICoolerGiveaway
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  4. Be sure to use the hash tags and tag us in your post to make sure we see your entry.

Earn 5 Additional Entries here on our website:

  1. Purchase $30 or more on and we will give you 5 extra entries to win!  Use the promo code YETI for 15% Off.  

We will select the winner via a random electronic drawing and make the announcement on Monday, July 13th. This is one you don't want to miss, so head over there now before it's too late.  

 Comment on this blog with how you would use your Atlantic Drift YETI if you won the contest for an additional entry.

Good Luck!


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