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Meet our Owner/President Josh

Josh Goodin President & Owner

I am simple guy that places high value on my family & faith. My wife would say I am also an extremely hard worker and sometimes must be reminded to take a break from work, I love what I do. Outside of work & family I enjoy serving in my Church which I have attended for 20+ years.

What is your favorite hobby? And why?

I would say flying but fishing is awfully close, and I hope in the future I find a way to connect both. I really do enjoy flying our Cessna 172 that was our Granddad’s many years ago.

Flying offers a sense of freedom that cannot be found anywhere else in my opinion.

What is your favorite Fish to target?

Red Drum is my favorite fish to target. Living in North Florida allows for plenty of opportunities to fish for Red Drum.

Cats or Dogs?

Not even close, DOG! We have a Golden doodle named Bindi that does not even realize she is a dog.

Favorite Vacation Spot?

Since I am writing this in the fall, I would say the Smokey Mountains. If it were summertime, I would say anywhere on the water but probably the Florida Keys. (I know no one else is crazy like that)


If you could do one outdoor trip what would it be?

I am going to get greedy and mix both of my hobbies. I would fly up the east coast and fish the low country and then head inland to the streams of the Smokey mountains. I would of course do this in early fall so I could enjoy the foliage of fall.   

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