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As a brand we were born in 2010 in North Carolina by the Propst brothers. A love for traditional quality clothing and an equal love for the Marlin of the Atlantic waters made establishing Atlantic Drift an easy choice. The detail and the beauty that is found in the Blue Marlin is second to none and the Propst brother's endless desire to hunt this fish off the coast of North Carolina made landing our logo an easy decision. For over 8 years the Propst brothers worked defining the products and partnerships that would come alongside us and become part of the Atlantic Drift community. In 2018 the brand was purchased by the Goodin family and moved south to Jacksonville Florida.

In the move south the one thing that remained constant was the love and connection with the waters of the Atlantic coast. As a family we have always been connected to the outdoors and particularly with the coastal waters of North Florida. We have grown up in, on, and around these waters so the connection of the brand and the Atlantic waters is a natural fit for us. Our desire is to continue to build what the Propst brothers started by offering quality traditional clothing that represents our love and connection to the coastal outdoors. Long before we knew what it meant to “Catch the Drift” we were living out the mission of Atlantic Drift. We were creating memories and making friends all with a mutual love of what the coast of North Florida has to offer. The most exciting part of Atlantic Drift are the friendships and the community that continues to bring us through the products we offer. 

Fast forward to now, the thing we love most about Atlantic Drift is the community and as a small business that is run by our family (Josh, Ammie, Caleb, Liz, Clay & Emma) we understand the best part about our community is you. Every order that is sent out excites us that someone sees the coastal outdoors the way we do and connects with our product.

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