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Amazing Article From Marlin Magazine

February 10, 2017

A must read for all sporfishing enthusiest about one of our favorite places, the Blue Marlin Capital of the World and how it made fishing what it is today. http://www.marlinmag.com/albatross-hatteras-offshore-fishing-history?src=SOC&dom=fb#page-5 All credit via MarlinMagazine.com

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The Story Behind "NO Bananas On The Boat" T-Shirt Design

December 28, 2016

  Origins: We can't say how far back this superstition goes, but at least among sport fishermen there exists a belief that bananas on a boat are unlucky. The sea offers plenty of opportunities for turns of ill luck. Fishing boats run aground or become lost. Mechanical failures result in boats floating helplessly adrift. Crew members become deathly sick from mysterious illnesses. Foul weather sweeps in. Any and all of these have been at various times attributed to bad luck. Banana While the superstitions involving fishermen and their boats are almost too numerous to mention, one particular entry in that category appears to attach almost solely to those who engage in sport (rather than commercial) fishing. Bananas are deemed unlucky...

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