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Meet our Owner/Vice President Caleb


Caleb Goodin Vice President & Owner

I am simple guy that places high value on my people & relationships. I have an abundance of love for the great outdoors. If not at the office, you can bet that I’m out on a boat somewhere.  Outside of work, I enjoy serving on the worship team at my Church  

What is your favorite hobby? And why?

Fishing is no doubt at the top of my list. It offers such a sense of relaxation that is unmatched to me. As much as I love fishing, playing drums is a close second. I played in a drum line from middle school through to my senior year of high school and now play weekly with my church.

What is your favorite fish to target?

Like most in North Florida, my favorite fish to target is the Red Drum. There’s something unique about a fish that you can catch that’s swimming in six inches of water.

Cats or Dogs?

Dog all the way! Bailey the Boykin is my 2 year old Boykin Spaniel. We just added another member to the family too! Her name is Blu and she is a 6 month old Golden Retriever.

Favorite Vacation Spot?

My wife and I have done quite a bit of vacationing around the world but Puerto Rico will definitely have to by my favorite. There is just something about the beautiful Mountains and Beaches that get me.

If you could do one outdoor trip what would it be?

I would absolutely love to do a Cast & Blast in Louisiana! 

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